Getting Educated

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Getting Educated

My name is Nancy I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan in a small town with all my friends and family, raised a catholic I was a . I'm five foot four inches and weight a hundred ten pounds 40DD, I got on the pill at an early age to help control the cramps I was having when I got my period I have three older sisters all of us built about the same we take after my mother. My father drove truck for a local business so he was home every night. With five women in the house sharing the bathroom became a problem as we grew older, us girls xnxxv sunny leone video were always in some form of undress so my dad always got an eyeful whether he wanted to or not. I figure he must have liked what he saw because we could hear them fucking every night.

I learned about sex from my sisters I was always asking them if they had sex on their date and they almost always did, they asked if I wanted to have my first sexual experience and I said yes My oldest sister Sandy said that I had to strip so that she would tell me what I had to do After I striped she took off her clothes and lay down on her bed and told me to lick her so that I might taste cum for myself. I was so excited to taste cum for the first time that I just dove into Sandy's shaven pussy driving my tongue as deep as I could. I loved the taste of her pussy and the cum hat was leaking out I was hooked on the cum cocktail. Sandy soon started to shake as she came all over my face. I made a mental note to start shaving my pussy from now on. So after I has licked my first pussy it became part of my regular routine every weekend I got to lick pussy from my sisters after every date I was so happy.

So after the next two plus years I was finally old enough to date and could not wait to have the cum right from the cock. real forced anal against her will My freshman year in high school I finally went on my first real date his name was Michael he was three years older than me. When he picked me up at my house and met my parents and told them we were headed to dinner and a movie and we would be home by ten . They were impressed that we would be home rather early that they liked him immediately. I however had other plans for our date . After we got in the car and started down the road I grabbed his crotch and started to unzip his Levi's. Michael was shocked to say the least but he didn't stop me either I think that he wanted to see how far I would actually go. I had it on good authority that Michael has a very nice and . Well as I pulled his cock from his pants and licked the head of his cock as we drove down the road.

He said that if I wanted to we could skip the movie and go to make out woods instead, so between licking and sucking his cock I said hell yes. As soon as we were parked he slid his jeans down to floor and I took his 9 in cock in my mouth( I measured it a couple of weeks later) and it felt as soft as velvet and hard as a bone at the same time . It was wonderful feeling that in my mouth for the first time and it would not be the last either. When he brought me home that night on time my parents were so pleased. So when I got to the shared bedroom with my three sisters they immediately asked for all of the details of the date so I told them what I did the grins on their faces told me that they approved of him too. One of the first questions was how big was his cock all I could tell them at the time was I thought it was very big making a guess by spreading my fingers to about the size of his cock . I could see a little bit of envy in the wicked smile in their faces I bet they were thinking of wanting to suck that too.

We hooked up again the following Friday and Saturday and every week end for the next four years, and nearly every night during the summer. There were many a Saturday when he would pick me up early we would make up reasons why we were going on a date so early in the day only to head to make out woods to fuck and suck all day . During those early day dates when I would suck his cock five or six times and fuck at least three times too, It was during those marathon suck and fuck sessions I finally learned to take him all the way down mt throat and he would gladly deposit his large load of sperm in my mouth and I made dam sure to swallow every drop. I remember as I was sucking his cock he would slid a finger in my pussy and ask me if I might like another cock in my pussy as I blowing him. I never took him seriously but the thought stuck with me for years. I imaged another big cock sliding in my mouth and pussy at the same time , I would dream about it and all through high school and we even talked about a threesome but could never find the right guy.

So now I was headed for college and was very excited to begin the next step in my life and meet new friends porn. I entered my a couple of days before the start of classes and met my dorm room mate . A black girl about my size and height real friendly with lots of energy. Her name is Emily Johns her brother (Eric) is a sophomore here too so she has a heads up on where everything is. I met him on a Friday night about a week later at his dorm party. Eric Johns is a tall well built and very good looking black man and we hit it off right away. After about an hour I went looking for Emily since we came together , thought I'd better hit the bathroom first. As I turned the corner I heard moaning coming from the bedroom I stopped to listen trying to figure out who was having sex, well I slowly turned the door knob and peeked in I stood frozen as I watched Emily getting her erotic pussy pounded by a big black stud her body was shaking as she came and he growled as he too clinched his ass cheeks and shot his spunk into Emily.

I just stood there my mind racing replaying the events that just happened my pussy dripping wet wishing that was me . Eric startled me by saying do you like what your watching without thinking I said yes, he grabbed my arm and pushed me into the room. Eric closed the door which made Emily look up and smile when she said to Eric see I told you she would be interested. Eric turned to me and kissed me while running his hands down my back headed for my ass. We swapped tongues as I held him tightly to me. He lifted me and placed me on the bed as I started to remove my clothes. He stared at me while unzipping his pants I looked at the very impressive bulge in his boxers . I was very happy to see his cock had good length and thickness to it it was a bit bigger than my boyfriend back home but I knew I could handle it .

As I reached for it he pushed my hands away and said use your mouth only, having sucked my boy friends cock for the last four years and deep throat-ed him I was eager for the challenge. I licked that big black cock and opened my mouth and took him to the back of my throat on the first stroke to which he moaned and grabbed my head and fucked my face . Emily said to her friend Jerome to get over here and lick her pussy he striped off my pants and underwear in one quick motion and stared at my freshly shaved pussy with a big grin on his face he started taking long slow licks which had me coming in no tine at all..

My mind thought of the many dreams of having a threesome so I took Eric's cock from my mouth and repositioned myself on hands and knees so that Jerome could slide his rather large cock in my pussy while Eric could face fuck me . Emily watched for a couple of minutes before she took control of the situation by having me stop blowing Eric and had Jerome remove his big cock from my pussy she then got on her hands and knees beside me with her ass also on the side of the bed then had the guys bury their cocks in our cunts Eric in hers and Jerome in mine. I at first was a little shocked to see Eric pounding away at Emily's pussy but she said they have been doing this for a couple of years now.

They couldn't get enough of each other, and I don't blame her he has a great big hunk of meat between his legs. The guys pounded away for about fifteen minutes before Jerome finally said that he was ready to cum, so I got on my knees in front of him and took his wonderful cock in my mouth moaning just as he shot a huge load , I swallowed every drop. Emily and Eric must have really turned on because he started cumming in Emily's pussy he pumped her for at least thirty seconds before he pulled out, as soon as I saw the cum start to leak out of her cunt I positioned myself under her to drink up all of Eric's cum as soon as my tongue touched her cunt she came, big long groans and she came hard filling my mouth with the combined cum from both of them.

I knew there were going to be many nights both in our dorm room and at party's in the guys room . I was hooked on BBC and black pussy as well. Emily and I became very popular around Eric's dorm when word got out so there was no shortage of for me . The years flew by and I took the lessons I had learned about serving my man to good use . I married Michael after I finished college but never told him about all of the black cocks and black pussy I had in school, I wasn't sure how he would react . So a couple of years after school and working at my job boredom finally caught up with me. I asked Michael if he remembered the question he asked me years ago about if I interested in having another cock in my mouth or pussy at the same time. He said hell yes he thinks about it all the time but never brought it up because I never did. Our third year anniversary was in a couple of months so he asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I would like to think about it first he said OK let me know what you decide.

I thought about Emily and all the fun we had back then so I gave her a call and asked her if she might like to get together again for old times sake but to bring her husband and her Brother Eric. I told Michael that I had called Emily from my college years he remembered her immediately , I knew he liked her you could see he lust in his eyes every time he saw her, he thinks I never notice but I do. He also met Eric and he liked him as well, but he never knew about Eric and me. I made arrangement to meet them in St Louis over Labor day weekend. I asked her to meet up with us at the Hilton hotel out by the airport six pm she agreed. They were waiting for us hand shakes and hugs all around as I hugged Emily I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck Eric and her husband Jerome while she fucked Michael a big grin on her face told me that's what she wanted too.

We met up for drinks an hour later at a local bar where we could dance and talk if I could get Michael in the right mood he would be agreeable to almost anything even seeing his wife getting fucked by two . Emily and was looking to a from Michael. It only took two drinks to get the mood started. We finished our drinks and headed back to the Hilton to our room I almost didn't get to our room before I was groping Eric and Jerome in the elevator and Emily was stroking Michael's cock . Inside the room I started to remove my little black dress everyone followed suit, clothes were flying all over the place my mind was totally focused on the two big black cocks just a touch away.

The two Queen beds were going to get a good workout tonight. Eric and Jerome and I were taking the first bed and Emily and Michael were next to us getting right down to business not wanting to waste a moment longer I began stroking those magnificent black cocks my pussy wetter than can remember in a long time. I got down on my knees in front of Eric and began to suck his cock slow and deep, I motioned Jerome to moved in front of me so that I might take deep in my mouth too. I could here Emily moaning out loud I knew she was getting her pussy licked because that is the same noise she made when I was eating her pussy back in college I knew Michael was doing a good job because he is a very good at eating my pussy but I'm sure he put a little extra effort into Emily's tasty snatch.

Now I was ready for more than just sucking cocks . Jerome's cock was a little thicker then Eric's so I opted for his cock in my pussy first and Eric likes my mouth just fine. As Jerome moved his big cock to my pussy folds he slid in slowly he remembered that's just how I like it slow at first then he just pound the fuck out of my cunt. Eric's cock went straight down my gullet until his balls were nested against my chin he held it there for a few seconds before he started a steady pace.

I just love having my face fucked especially with a nice deep down my throat almost to the point of choking combined with a even bigger cock invading my BBC loving cunt I am in heaven. I almost forgot about Michael and Emily next to us in the reverse cowgirl position Emily breathing was ragged and short like she had been running, the way she was bouncing up and down on his cock I could understand her panting so hard. I can feel Jerome getting a little slower I had the feeling that he was about to cum so I squeezed his cock with my vagina muscles as hard as I could knowing he loves that when I do.

Within a few seconds he released a huge load deep in my cunt. It felt so good that I came too. Emily and Michael were watching Jerome as he filled my now loose cunt with his semen as he pulled out I rolled over on my back and beckon Emily to eat my she jumped off the bed and dove face first tongue extended straight into my cunt she slurped until she had removed every drop of Jerome's sperm. Eric had gotten behind Emily and started to pound away at her pussy showing no mercy at all. He blew his wad in just about a minute. I asked her to move into the sixty nine position so that I could eat her sweet cunt I had two loads of cum to eat out of Emily. I was rewarded with a big mouthful of cum this was even better than I could ever have imaged I am so glad tonight turned out so well. I think that next year the five of us can go a two week vacation some where warm and clothing is optional.