The Conference416

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The Conference416

I learn the true meaning of women?s empowerment at a women?s empowerment conference. My name is Laura and I work for a medium size company, owned by a woman and I am considered a rising star in the company. A conference was being held in Miami for women?s empowerment and the owner of my company decided I should go. I think she picked me because I am single and the conference is five days from Wednesday thru Sunday so it wouldn?t be a problem for me being there for that amount of time. I checked in, got my badge with my picture on it, they had requested a photo for this reason and was given my room assignment. I went to the room to find two ladies there already and I said there must be a mistake, three of us in one room. The taller of the two, a blond lady in her early forties, said it wasn?t a mistake; they got me in the lottery. I asked what kind of lottery was that and how come there is only a king sized bed in this room. She said, ?Let me introduce ourselves before you go off half cocked? and said her name was Joan, the other lady, a redhead in her thirties was Loretta and Joan said that there seems to be a lot of the same kind of problems happening during check in. I asked about the lottery, she said it was a joke and that they had showered and were going to lunch, if I would like to go. She also said that there are so many people trying to change rooms, that it probably will be a lot easier on the nerves to go to lunch and then straighten it out in the afternoon when the rush would be over.

It seemed logical to me and I did feel like taking a shower first, so I agreed to go to lunch with them if they would wait. Joan said they would be happy to wait, because the longer we waited to go to the front desk, the more likely it would be that there wouldn?t be any waiting. I took my shower, dried myself off and saw my clothes were gone, so I walked into the room with just a towel around me to find out where my clothes were. Joan came over to me, pulled the towel off me before I even realized she had grabbed it and I was standing there naked as a jaybird. Loretta said, ?Wow Joan, we hit the jackpot?, ?Joan said, ?I?ll say, turn around for me honey?. I asked her if she was nuts or something and where the hell were my clothes. She walked over to me, reached out to touch me and I pulled back asking her, ?What the hell do you think you?re doing?? She grabbed me by the arm, turned me so that my back was to her and pinned my arms to my side. She was a whole lot stronger then me and there wasn?t anything I could do about it. Loretta came over, put her hands on my tits, squeezed them saying that I had really /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and I went off on her. She put her hand over my mouth, said that I belonged to them now and to keep my mouth shut or else. Joan told me to spread my legs so they could see my pussy and of course I refused. They picked me up, put me on the bed; each grabbed a leg while holding me down with the other hand and spread my legs apart.

I couldn?t believe they were doing this to me but I was afraid to scream, so I laid there with my pussy open for the world to see. Joan said to Loretta that I had a pretty pussy; Loretta said for sure I had a pretty cunt and then she let go of me, put her head between my legs and kissed my pussy. I was in shock, really couldn?t believe she had just done that and then she started licking my pussy. Now, I?m a hot-blooded Italian, whose pussy had never been kissed before, let alone licked and I got dripping wet. I must have moaned, because Joan let go of me, started playing with my tits and I was laying there with my legs spread as wide as I could make them go, pushing my pussy into Loretta?s mouth. She put her tongue in my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole and I kind of freaked it felt so good and then I felt Joan sucking on my tit while playing with the other. My pussy was now a blast furnace, my mind was gone, except for the feeling in my pussy and I was telling Loretta to please eat my pussy. She put a finger in my pussy, sucked on my clit, my cunt lit up like a bon fire and I came like a race horse, moaning, ?Oh God, oh God?. Loretta kept on eating me, now had two fingers in my cunt and when I started to cum, she stopped, making me beg her, to make me cum. She made me say that I would do anything she wanted if she would eat me and to please eat my pussy for me and that I was her cunt, before making me cum again. My pussy was so hot after her making me say that stuff, I squirted my cum like a faucet being turned on. 

Before I knew what was happening, Joan had taken her place and she worked a finger into my asshole, along with two in my pussy and she sucked and fucked me to the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm I ever had. She kept right on eating me, when I started to cum again she made me say that I was her little cunt, she could eat my pussy whenever she wanted and that I wanted her to be my lover. I came about a buckets worth then and she kept eating me until I came twice more, then Loretta took over my pussy making me cum so many times I passed out. When I came to, they were both sitting on the bed naked, feeling me up and I sat up telling them not to touch me again. Joan said, ?Sweetheart we fucking own you now and we will touch you whenever we damn well please and if you don?t believe me, watch this?. She had a TV controller in her hand, hit a button and the TV screen lit up showing the whole encounter we just had. On the video it showed both of them eating me, Loretta?s fingers in my pussy, Joan?s fingers in my /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass and me begging them like a little whore saying all the things they made me say, but you couldn?t hear them coaching me. I knew what happened and watching it, I even got the feeling I was saying all that stuff on my own. Joan asked me how would I like to see that on the Internet, while they also sent a copy to my family and boss and I knew I was going to do what ever they said. Joan said, ?Lets face it, you are a hot blooded little cunt and if you let yourself go you will enjoy this more then you can imagine, we are going to make a cum machine out of you.

Then she put her arms around me, pulled me tight to her so that her tits were rubbing against mine and kissed me. She had the softest lips I had ever felt along with the tastiest lips and I gave in, mostly because my pussy flooded itself and I wanted to feel her mouth on my cunt again. Loretta got between my legs, started eating my pussy and my heart started pounding, all my blood had rushed to my pussy and when Joan put her tongue in my mouth, my cunt erupted pussy juice just like a volcano spewing lava. I was still in a sitting position, Joan was holding me up because Loretta now had my legs in the air so that my pussy was totally exposed to her. Joan was still kissing me, which in itself was enough to make me cum; Loretta buried her tongue in my pussy as far as it would go and Mt. St. Laura erupted pussy juice over everything in it?s path. My pussy juice was running down my ass like a waterfall and it felt so good running over my asshole I came again. Then while Loretta had her tongue alain lyle porn buried in my cunt, Joan started stroking my clit and my clit has always been sensitive but now it was so sensitive, if a fly landed on it, indian santali xvideo I would have gone off. Between Loretta?s tongue in my pussy, Joan playing with my clit and having her kiss me like I have never been kissed before, Mt. St. Laura erupted twelve times before I collapsed from the pleasure. When I came back to earth, Loretta was eating out Joan and Joan made a strange request of me or so I thought.

She asked me to beg and plead with her to let me eat her cunt, she said hearing me say that would put her right over the edge, so I said okay. She told me what to say, so I said for her, please, please Joan, let me eat your pussy, I love your pussy Joan, I want you to fill my mouth with your cum, I gotta have your cunt Joan, right now, I need your cunt to suck, please let me eat your pussy. She got off and I was glad to be able to help. We were all hungry, so we ordered room service and they said that while we were waiting they were going to give me a bath. While we were in the tub, Joan shaved my pussy clean while Loretta held me so I couldn?t object very much and they washed me from head to toe. I told them both I wasn?t very happy about having my pussy shaved and they told me it was now their pussy, so get used to the idea of being owned by them. Room service came, Joan let him right in even though we were all naked and his jaw hit the ground. Joan asked him if he would like a tip or see three /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy?s up close, he choose pussy and they made me spread my legs for him while spreading theirs. Joan told him for being such a good guy she was going to give him a treat and she kissed me while playing with my pussy. I think he shot a load in his pants.

He left, I was a very bright shade of red, they both laughed, turned me over, bite me on the ass lightly and told me I was a real treasure. We ate, took a nap and when I woke they were both already up, asked me if I slept well, I said yes I did and they smiled at me. Joan said, ?You have been such a /good/good-girl/">good girl, we figured it was time to give you a real treat and let you eat our pussy?s?. I told her that they could do whatever they wanted to me, but I was not eating their pussy?s and Joan said watch the TV. The video now showed me in Joan?s arms, begging her to let me eat her pussy, saying all the things she asked me to say to her when Loretta was eating her pussy. Again, even to me, it looked and sounded like I was begging her to let me eat her and she asked me if I thought my parents and friends would like to see this. She went back to the part where I was in her arms while she was kissing me and asked me if there was any doubt I was kissing her like she was my lover. I told her she was a rotten bitch doing this to me and she agreed, telling me she knew she was a bitch but I was hers now and she was going to have me no matter what I thought. She was sitting in the overstuffed chair that came with the room, told me to come sit on her lap, which I did, not even protesting. She put her left arm around me so that she could play with my tit, spread my legs so she could play with my pussy and put her lips on mine. I don?t know what it is about her lips but when she kissed me, all reason flew out the window and my pussy started dripping.