Her day

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Her day

My wife and I have been happily married for four years now.

We met when we were both 19 and got married when we were nineteen. We did everything together; from playing videogames to hiking, we did it all. At the age of twenty-three she hasn’t changed a bit in physical appearance when compared to her 18 year-old counterpart. She has chin-length brown hair with matching brown eyes, extenuated by the perfect pair of glasses. She has pretty pink lips perfect for kissing. Her body hasn’t changed either; she is still ninety pounds with perky 34B cup breasts that have nipples of just the right size. This is great for me because I am attracted to petite women. To make matters even better for me, she is completely against having any body hair’besides the hair on her head’meaning her pussy is completely shaven for me.

Currently I am a consultant for big business deals and she runs a small speech-writing business for home. Tonight we were planning a dinner /party/">party for a couple of her clients based on one of the speeches she was writing. Typically I work the early morning, six to six at night shift. We planned the for the party to start at eight simply to give me time to get home and get ready. To my joy when I arrived at work I found that I was allowed to leave work around two o’clock. I decided it would be best if I didn’t call my wife to tell her because she would love the /surprise/">surprise as lately she has been complaining that I am being forced to work too much. Such is the life of a consultant.

I quickly drive home when I am done work and quietly unlock our front door. Our house is fairly big, nothing special, but I can easily enter without her hearing me if she is in the back of the house where she does her work. Occasionally she has her laptop set up in our room and does her work from the small office we have set up in there for her though. Today I snuck through the house to find she wasn’t in the back room but her purse and car keys were in there so I knew she had to be home. At this point I figure she either went for a jog or she is having a nap in preparation for tonight. I slowly sneak upstairs with the intention to surprise her . . . and maybe get some much desired sex out of her.

That’s when I hear the voices. I can hear my wife speaking clearly about her speech she had just finished writing the night before and a man with a deep voice responding. She told me recently she was working on a speech for a black gentlemen named Mark, for his position as Best Man at his brother’s wedding. She mentioned that he might stop by and pick it up before the party. I had not expected it to be this early so I decided to stop and listen to the conversation and continued to creep up towards the bedroom. The hallway was nice and dark since we have no windows there. The doors were all shut allowing for a restriction of light in the hallway. I approached the door to the bedroom that was opened just enough for me to see the entire room. Mark was standing over my wife who was seated at her desk showing him what I could only guess to be his speech on her laptop. She was wearing a small V-neck t-shirt and a pair of tight black jeans.

’So this the speech, it’s not too long or too short, I used all the notes and added in all the stories you wanted o tell about him.’ She said to him with a smile, glancing up at him as he replied. ’Even the one when we were little?’
She laughed old waman xxxgx and said yes. She then leaned over the laptop saying she just thought of something to add to his speech and he leaned over with her, placing his hand on her shoulder. She subconsciously brushed it off, only to have him put it back up there a few moments later. She noticed it this time and brushed it away again. A third time he put it there and she just ignored it.

With his hand on her shoulder he moved beside her and kneeled down on his calves to read the opening of his speech. He slid his hand between his legs to scratch his groin when my wife glanced over as a reaction to see him smile. ’You like looking at me there don’t you?’ he asked. My wife quickly looked away and said ’looking where?’. He just laughed and stood up.

Again my wife decided she wanted to fix something so Mark decided now would be a good time to stand behind her chair and place both hands on her shoulders. She started to brush them away when he took the initiative and began rubbing her shoulders like he was massaging them. She started groan like it felt good. ’Man, you’re tense’ you know I am masseuse, right?’ She said she knew and leaned forward so he could kneed her shoulders deeper. ’I could give you a full body massage if you’d like?’ he had a slight smirk on his face as he said this. She glanced up at him and smiled and refused. Mark stood bokep sma pecah perawan at 6’6’ tall to my wife who was only 5’4’ tall so even standing up she’d have to glance up at him.. He moved slightly to the side when she randomly adjusted her hand to the arm of her chair where she accidently brushed her hand across the inner part of his thigh.

’See, I knew you wanted a piece!’ he laughed. She blushed and denied it as he began to kneed her shoulders again. All of a sudden he stopped and stepped back. She looked back to find out what was wrong. He was smiling at her and before she could react he unzipped his pants and pulled out his very dick. My wife’s eyes bulged as she witnessed his huge 9’ penis come into view. It wasn’t even erect yet. ’Have you ever seen a black guy up close like this before? I bet it is larger than your husbands, eh?’ My wife quickly spun her chair around and started looking over the speech again, her cheeks a bright red. This did not go unnoticed by Mark who did not put his dick back in his pants but rather placed his hands on her shoulders again and instead of working his hands down her shoulder blades he slowly started to guide them down her chest towards her breasts. She pushed his hands back up.

He went back to giving her a shoulder massage and leaned in and started speaking beside her ear. ’Come on, haven’t you wanted to try a black cock before’ I assure you, it’ll be better than anything you’ve had’’ as he said this his hands started back down her chest again. ’I seen the way you looked it’ the slight smirk before you turned away’’ with that his hand went inside the shirt and he started to fondle her breasts. Biting back a moan my wife said nothing and didn’t try to stop him. ’I can tell you want to try something, you nipples wouldn’t be this hard otherwise’’ Squeezing her nipples slightly he then spun her chair around where she came face to face with his now erect penis. Standing a solid 11’ with a 2 and a half inch thickness, it was truly intimidating for my wife.

My wife didn’t turn away this time. Mark put his hands on the back of her head and guided her face towards it. My wife didn’t resist and even opened her mouth in anticipation. She grabbed hold of it, barely able to get her tiny hands around the shaft, and ran her tongue around the /circumcised/">circumcised head. After a few minutes of licking the shaft and head; she then opened her mouth wide and slid the head into her mouth. She didn’t stop there however, she slid more and more into her mouth, engulfing nearly seven inches of the monster cock. She then started to slide her tongue and lips up and down his shaft slowly. He gave a slight groan and said ’I didn’t expect you to be able to take that much into your tiny mouth’. She giggled and he groaned in pleasure again as the vibrations in her mouth as she giggled made it feel good. She began to suck his dick faster and slurping it really loud.

All of a sudden he grabbed the bottom of her of tiny shirt and pulled it over her head. He then reached around and unclasped her bra and allowed it to fall to the floor. Picking her up rather easily he put his arms around her and with his hands on her ass he guided her right breast to his mouth. He ran his tongue along the outside edges of her nipple in circles before moving his tongue with same motions up to the tip of her nipple. She moaned. Mark then placed her on the bed and undid her jeans. He proceeded to pull them off a little at a time, stopping occasionally to suck rather enthusiastically on her tits. Finally removing her pants I saw that she was wearing her very skimpy red and black thong. It barely covered anything in the front and only had straps for the sides and back. I could see the edges of her thighs were already glistening from the wetness of her pussy.

Mark wasted no time. Licking his lips he pulled her thong off in one swift motion baring her shaved pussy. He dove right in, wrapping his right arm around her right thigh he used his left hand to open her pussy lips and then ran his tongue from the base of the left side to just beside the clit on the left side and repeated the process on the right side in the opposite direction. ’Ohhh!!’ she moaned. He then took his tongue and placed it right on her clit, then sliding it from side to side. She started to spasm slightly in pleasure shortly after this began. Using his large lips he sucked her clit into his mouth and voraciously sucked and batted her clit with his tongue. Unrelenting Mark continued doing this. My wife was now convulsing in deep orgasm as mark then brought the fingers of his left hand forward and slid one finger, and then two fingers up her incredibly tiny, gorgeous, /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy.

She moaned in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. He started to move his fingers in and out quickly and she started rocking her hips in unison as he continued to suck her clit. After a few minutes of this; Mark stood up. He positioned his monster cock on the outside of my wife’s pussy. The head of his cock was easily the size of her tiny fist. He pushed in very slowly and she moaned very loudly. He got about 8 inches in and then started to thrust quicker. He placed both of his hands on her hips and started to rock himself in and out of her very quickly. All the while she is screaming in pleasure. Arching her hips she angled herself differently allowing his cock to slide another two inches deeper stuffing her already full pussy. Almost balls deep he continued to make her moan. After a few moments he started to groan and within a second he had ejaculated inside of my wife!

Like a fire hose, when Mark pulled out the cum was still flowing. Splashing all over her shaved pussy, stomach and tits. Mark then fell down on the bed beside her breathing heavy. My wife was touching her pussy and breathing heavily herself, she then prepared to get up and go clean off. ’Where are you going?’ he asked. ’To clean off,’ she replied. ’We’re not done yet, I am still hard’’ he said and stood up, grabbing her and picking her up again.

Kissing her deeply he sat down on the bed, then laid back. My wife sat over top of his cock and using her hand she guided it to her already well-lubricated pussy. It slid in with minimal effort at this point and she sat all the way down. He then pulled her close and began sucking her tits as she used her hips and began attempted to fuck his monster cock by herself. She tired herself out quickly and he pulled her down so her breasts were pressed against his midsection. With his right arm around her; he ran his left hand down her ass-crack and slid the tip of his middle finger into her /asshole/">asshole. She started to protest but then he started to rapidly fuck her pussy with all eleven inches of his big black dick. Within moments she was salivating rapidly and tearing at the flesh of his shoulders as he relentlessly slammed her pussy with his monster cock. He was not sparing her a single inch of it, each thrust sending him balls deep.

How her tiny pussy could handle that dick was a mystery. Her moans started off as light breath moans, then actually using her voice and finally they sounded like low guttural sounds coming out of her as he voraciously gave every inch of himself to her tiny frame. Finally, he blew his load again, filling her up more than before. He had to pick her up off his dick and lay her beside him. As she was laying there he leaned over and kissed her and asked ’Are you a virgin in your asshole?’’ she just nodded. He smiled and said, ’Next time we do this, I’m going to take that.’ He started to put on his clothes.

At this point I just left. I didn’t want to deal with this shit. By the time I got back, I went upstairs to find them going at it again!