My Vacation

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My Vacation

Hello. My name is Gabriella. I am eighteen years old. I live in Mexico City, Mexico. Let me take a minute to tell you about my first encounter with a white guy, as well as the loss of my virgintiy. It all started when I went to visit my aunt Allyn in the U.S. 

I met Sydney when I was at the mall with my aunt's neighbor Elena who is seventeen. Sydney full hd xvideo download is Elena's /friend/best-friend/">best friend's brother. Sydney is a 24 year old /college/">college student. He has green eyes and sandy brown hair with a tanned complexion. He was the first white guy I had ever met. After the introductions, Sydney invited Elena and me to his apartment under the pretense that his /sister/">sister Destiny would be there.

We arrived at Sydney's apartment around seven. I had put on the most revealing outfit I had, which was a short pink minidress with spaghetti straps. Elena also was scantily dressed in a midriff bearing tube top and a blue jean miniskirt. We both knew Destiny would not be at Sydney's apartment tonight.

Sydney invited us in and we sat down to enjoy a movie. That's when all the fun began. Syney began to ask us questions like if we were virgins and if we had ever fantasized about a threesome. Yes and Yes.
Then, Sydney began to rub my breast then he squeezed himself between me and Elena on the sofa. With one hand he rubbed my breast with the other his hand went up Elena's skirt.

Soon we were all naked. Sydney was sucking my breasts while I kissed Elena. Then Elena sat on my face while I licked her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. While I was doing that Sydney spread my legs and began pushing his 10 inch cock into my tight virgin pussy. As free porn movies download my hymen tore I began to wimper while licking Elena. Elena moved away from my face and began to suck my breasts while Sydney fucked me. Then Sydney moved toward Elena and began to lick her breasts while he pushed inside of her /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole to rupture her hymen to get it out of the way. Then after that was done. He turned Elena onto her stomach and applied some KY Jelly to his dick and Elena's ass and in one long stroke he was inside of her /ass/ass-fucking/">ass fucking her good. I positioned myself so that she could lick my pussy while she was anally fucked. Swiftly he entered Elena's pussy to release his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. Then it was my turn. More KY was applied, and he soon entered my ass. It hurt for a few minutes but with Elena licking my breasts and Sydney fingering my clit, i couldn't think straight anyway.

Sydney turned me on my back and began to fuck the shit out of my tender pussy. I was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. I had never imagined sex with a white guy could be soooo good. I ran my fingers through his hair and he began to stroke faster so that we could cum together. Sydney soon had me filled with so much cum, it dripped out into my sore ass. Needless to say, during the rest of my stay, I continued to have sex with Sydney until I went back to Mexico. 

I have the best souvenir from the United States. I was three months /pregnant/">pregnant when I returned to Mexico. I have a little girl named Sydney now. My /mom/">mom thinks her father was a tourist.