Stephanies Mom

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Stephanies Mom

?Janelle?? I heard Rachel, Stephanie?s /mom/">mom call up to me.
?Yeah?? I called back down, walking down the stairs to meet her.
?I have to drive Steph to soccer practice? Will you be okay by yourself for ten minutes??
?I?ll be fine,? I smiled. ?Have fun at soccer practice, Steph!? I shouted down the stairs to her, as she left.
?I will, bye!? She shouted back.

Rachel was one of the hottest moms I knew, who, lucky for me, was a lesbian. I had turned eighteen a month ago, and on my birthday, she gave me a dildo, which said ?Sexy? on the end in gold, fancy letters.

After about ten minutes of studying, I went downstairs to see if Rachel was coming. I looked into the driveway to find her car sitting in it. I went upstairs to see if she was in her room, to find her nude, fingering her tight, pink pussy and licking her left tit, while watching some hot, /lesbian/lesbian-porn/">lesbian porn. I sighed, walking in. ?You had to start without me, didn?t you!? I said.
?I thought you were coming!?

I sighed with frustration, then jumped onto the bed, and took her hand out of her cunt and stuffed my face into it. I licked her pussy up and down, playing with her clit as my tongue reached it. I pushed three fingers in, after two minutes of tonguing her pussy, and began to finger fuck her. She moaned softly as my tongue played with her clit, and my fingers searched her pussy xxx for her g-spot. She arched her back, as she felt herself begin to cum. She closed her eyes, as I moved faster in and out of her with my fingers. I could feel her cunt begin to contract around my fingers as an orgasm shot through her pussy, causing her to squirt my shirt.
?Well, we?re going to have to clean that up!? said Rachel, taking off my shirt. I lay on the bed, while she got up, and moved under my short skirt.

She moved quickly, beginning by fingering my cunt with two fingers while licking my tits. I pushed my pussy down into her hand as she rammed me with her fingers. I ran my hand through her hair, as she took her fingers out of my vagina and licked the juices off them. I pushed her down and lifted my skirt so that she had her head in my cunt. I grabbed her head and pulled it into my cunt, as her tongue ran into my slit, pushing it in and out of me. She moved her tongue to my clit, fisting my cunt with one hand, and rubbing my tits with another. I felt her hand come off my tits and reach into her drawer, where she found a /vibrator/">vibrator. I sighed, feeling her push the vibrator on my clit, as she licked my slit, and fingered it, all at the same time. Soon, I found myself beginning to cum. My pussy contracted around her tongue, as I began to squirt her face. I screamed with pleasure, as I /pussy/squirt-pussy/">squirt pussy juices on her bed, and her face.

We decided we were dirty, so we took her two-way dildo and moved to the shower. I kissed her on the lips, as we ran the shower, letting it soak us. I wrapped my leg around her, rubbing my pussy against her thigh, as she did so to me. I began to sigh, feeling her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy on my thigh and feeling her thigh on my pussy. I licked her neck, as we both pleasured ourselves on each other. Finally, I felt myself beginning to cum, after twenty minutes of rubbing ourselves on each other. I cried out in sheer pleasure, my pussy squirt out juices on her thigh, which dripped down to the shower floor. I gripped her back, which let her realize that I had cum. She began to move faster and faster, feeling herself begin to cum. I sighed loudly, feeling the last of my orgasm. After another five minutes, Rachel finally came, squirting the floor with her juices.

We let the tub fill up with water, while we used the two-way dildo. She sat on the edge of the tub, while I sat in front of her, also on the edge. We began to pump the dildo back and forth between our pussies. We began to push forwards, into each other, feeling the dildo move up both our pussies at once, and then back down. I hugged her closely, as I felt the ribbed dildo penetrate porn videos download my soft, wet pussy. We began to move more and more violently, slapping our pussies together as we reached the middle, fucking the dildo. Finally, I felt her warm pussy juices all over my pussy, as it dripped into the bath water. Just as I felt her juices on me, I came on her. 

We moved into the tub, where Rachel put on a strap-on dildo, and fucked me from behind. I felt her crotch slapping against my ass, as her dildo pushed in and out of my spread pussy. I was bent over doggy style, and she was giving it to me hard. My tits were bouncing back and forth, as she fucked me harder, and harder. I screamed with pleasure, as I squirted pussy juices on the dildo and into the water. She took the dildo out of my cunt, and pushed it into my mouth, and made me suck all my juices off it. After two more hours of hot, heavy fucking in the tub, we got out, dried each other, kissing while we did so, and got dressed. Rachel picked Stephanie up from soccer practice, and dropped her off here, and went for some groceries. While she was gone, Steph and I had three wet orgasms, each.