My Birthday Treat

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My Birthday Treat

I came home on the bus from school dead excited, for today was my 18th birthday.

As the bus appraoched my bus stop, i rang the bell, bid goodbye to my mates Ross and Ben and raced off home. My heart was pounding for i was to get something special for my birthday. i was 18 and i had asked for a new Bike for the summer months. I was hoping that it was a trixy, but my mouth was watering at the site that i picked up my pace.

I raced down the back alleys, past Burts stores and leaped down the street. That trixy was mine. i so wanted it just to show off to my mates Ross and Dave. I came roundthe corner of my street and legged it uphill. The ballons and banners were plastered all over the front of the house.

happy birthday christopher read the signs and Balloons. Gosh this Bike was so mine. i raced through the door and threw down my Bag.

/surprise/">surprise!! I blushed

Mum and dad had flags in their hands. Sis was down too with her Fiancee Michael. My bro was perched on the couch and everything was hunky, for there was piles of presents on the floor.

They all mine! i said

All yours /son/">son said my father

Score i thought. I tore open all the presents that were there. Books from grandma, computer games from my brother and sis and michael had got me a brand new outfit for work.On the setee i noticed four more parcels.

Are they mine too i said

yes said mum there your main present, plus what is in the kitchen

I drooled. I looked att he packages on the settee and weighed them all up. I reckoned one must be a drinks bottle, some cycle clips, oh gosh i just so wnated my Trixy.

can i open my main present now! i gleamed

Sure you can said mum Its from all of us mind - took a lot of working out, but as xxx sex video download free com me and your daddy said, a special day for a special boy, this present means as much to us as it does to you.

Oh how i gleamed.

I went over to the chair perched on it and tore at the first package.

My eyes froze in horror as i opened the first one. Was this some sort of sick joke? Was i dreaming? Inside was a lacy White /thong/">thong.

Whha..Wha.. whats this mum? i said shaking like a leaf

Ah well youll see..have to open all then you will see

I was sweating with worry, what sort of trick were they playing..what did it all mean?

As i tore open the second...then the thrid..and finally the fourth my heart was slowly sinking.

Inside the second was a Bunny tail and Ears, and the rest of the costume came in the fourth.

bless..look at him mum told you he would be confussed! said my sister stroking my arm.

I was going redder and redder what was the meaning of all of this.

Then it dawned on me, these were for me..but why? and still i was yet to get my main present. i assumed instantly that the giving of these jokes as gifts was to put me off the sent of my trixy.

ca..can i have my main pressie /mom/">mom i said quite quietly

sure ill go get she said

She was gone about a couple of minutes and i could hear talking..what was going on!!

And then it came into being, as mum came out of the kitchen so did Ricky. Ricky was 17, same age as my brother and he was one of my brothers best friends. they went school together, both sets of parents had a lot in common, and football linked the two families.

Happy brithday chris he said smiling.

Hi rick i said

He was dressed as he normally was when he came round for tea and such, He had a stud ring inh is left ear and an eyebrow piercing in his right brow. he was wearing a burberry base ball cap, a polo neck shirt with the collar lifted and tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Mrs b, shall i go upstairs with Shaun..till im needed

sure honey she said smiling.

Needed? What on earth was going on

Sarah is it ok if you can talk Christopher upstairs? she said smiling

Sure and i went upstairs with my sister.

She sat me down on the bed and told me to get changed into the playboi bunny outfit.

I just froze in horror. Why Sar i asked

Because its part of your special birthday present

What is! i said

Ricky is here to seduce you

WHAT! i said

Oh dont be like that..we have known that you are gay dont need to hide it

But sarah..i have Molly

Ah..but thats nothing..i mean explain all the pornography on your laptop! Hunny nothing hides from us

Hides!..Im not gay

Well explain why you taken a liking to rick

I have not! This is stupid

She then pulled a sad face come on now babes..this family has gone a long way to please you! you just gonna turn down their pressie?

She pulled the face again


And are a virgin..not only that but you should be proud being gay!

ehat you mean

Well..we know you are by your personality..youll like it


No Buts hunny...Hes your it for mum

I Nodded but was quivvering. As she turned away, i dressed into the outfit. The thong went right up my arsehole and she got the camera out. She took photos of me all dressed up and i began to cry.

Dont let Ricky see you gotta be strong for him!

She grabbed my hand and lead me out of the door. As i entered i could hear /party/">party music playing and when i did, Michael, my brother, mum and dad were sat around and Ricky came in from the kitchen.

doesnt my babes look a treat Ricky said my father

Ricky smiled happy brithday Chris he said smiling. know you dont have to

Look chris..You have always been the apple of my eye, why do you think i come round darling. Its about time we consumated our relationship..your the guy for me!

Everyone awwed and mum put her hand over her mouth.

you look really beautiful mate he uttered

I looked at him, always considering him a chavish person...yet he was gay.

He came over and put his hands on my hips and said this is for you

With that he lent forward and kissed me, and reactionly my mouth opened to meet his and we passionatley kissed in front of the whole family.

We passionatley kissed and kissed, and as all hard nut guys do he pushed me against the wall - happy birthday babe! he uttered and we made out by the radiator.

Everyone detracted from us then and acted like normal. mum, dad, n sis began to talk of trival matters and my bro went to lay the table for party food.

As everyone engaged in their own little world so were we. cus soon enough he began to lower his tracksuit bottoms and he took them off. He then slipped them over his trainers and regained kissing. Sis took notice and looked at his legs but for the best part the family let us get onto our own thing. Next he then began with his fingers, to lower my thong and i stepped out of it. my cock sprang into the air and i could feel it against his boxers.

ricky let me help you

i dragged him into the center of the room and began to pul ldown his boxers.

Mum awwed me and him but continued their trivial conversation. He then passionatley kissed me again. our cocks entwined as we kissed and i knew what he wanted me to do Your birthday cake awaits baby he said

With that i nealt on the floor. I grabbed his cock and began to strock it. no one looked at all intrested. With that i began to deep throat his cock in front of my family. ricky, my brothers mate, i devoured in front of my family. i began to suck on his cock, a cock which had a cock piercing, and played as though it were my toy. the thought of getting a trixy was oput of my brain. i wanteed HIM!

I wasnt gay or was i? But sis kept giving me the wink as i devoured his head. Shaft i just kept lickinga s i went up and dad. And bro came back in as he had finsihed with the food.

Chris! way ta go man!

Ricky opened his eyes and gave the thumbs up to my bro Your brother gives good head mate he said

I must do as i felt his cock twitch and streams of cum poured out. i just swallowed and swallowed as the cum porued out and the young stud arched his back for p[leasure.

Mum gasped as he did so and once again the family were back in. @You enjoy that Chris said my dad

i nodded as i got up. great pressie i went and hugged dad

Shall we all get some food? asked dad

Ricky took off his shirt as we all entered for food. The table was layed with mountains of food and drink and Ricky grabbed my hand as we entered. Im hungry i said kissing him on cheek

Oh You are , are you he said

yeah..Well hungry for you babes i said smooching him again.

With that the kinky devil decided to push me onto the table oooh Ricky sexxxx video ful hd i said giggling as i crushed crisps that i spilt with my ass, and knocking over the fruit juices

boys! dad said But i did not matter for Ricky had my legs up in the air. This is your main birthday treat Chrissy he said and with that i felt his cock enter my ass.

Aww..look Allen..I normally wouldnt let them play when its their tea, but its our sons birthday

go fuck him Rick! said my sister giggling.

He pounded hard at first and i was crying with pleasure Ooooh RICKY! i said

He pounded me harder and harder and then slowed down Fuck me! i shouted and he picked up. With that he too shot his load. I remember passing out at that point to all the excitement.